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Super Sports Stars!

Here at Winyates we are blessed with some outstanding sportspeople who take part in sport both inside and outside of school. We are always delighted to hear about how the children get on and we are so pleased to share the incredible results with you.

At the weekend two of our children took part in a Gymnastics competition with one year 5 girl managing an incredible 1st place in the floor and vault, 3rd place on the bar and 4th place on the beam. A year 4 girl also took part and she received 1st place on both the bars and the beam, 2nd place on the floor and 3rd place on the beam.

In addition to this we are so proud to say that another girl from Year 5 received a special trophy in her Ballet for showing excellent creativity to dance in response to music. She also earnt a special award for standing out as a top performer in her Latvian dancing.

Well done to all of the girls we are very proud of you!

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