Winyates Primary School is a place where everyone is encouraged to reach for success. We recognise that children have the right to enjoy their time at school and to learn regardless of their ability.  We seek to promote this right through our whole school aims.


  • To promote high expectations of all pupils through the provision of a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which allows all children to succeed.

  • To develop a sense of citizenship by building on the skills and knowledge needed to become a valued member of the School and wider community.

  • To create a safe, caring and secure environment in which all individuals can thrive and one which promotes respect for other individuals and their property.

  • To promote a health-conscious community.

  • To develop positive partnerships between the home, school and the wider community.

Colette Firth
Executive Head

I feel privileged to be the Head of school at Winyates Primary and I know that by working together we will all make a difference to the lives of all the children who come here. I believe we are a partnership – the school and the home and we can achieve great things as a team.

I have a real passion for learning and before becoming Head of School at Winyates, I was an English specialist so it is my belief that reading is the key to success! I know stories unlock magical worlds and words hold secrets for all (adults and children alike) to share in.

I look forward to our journey together and I know we will experience many successes this year and every year! Winyates is an amazing school with fantastic children and families; staff, classrooms and outdoor learning spaces, I know we can achieve great things!

Deboragh Bowles - Head of School.