Winyates is an excellent school where children are at the heart of all we do. Children at Winyates belong to the Winyates family and share all the values that go with this. Children are stretched academically but without stress and this means our school regularly ranks in the top 5 in Peterborough. Not only do we achieve high standards academically but we work hard at sport too, with many of our teams winning at county level. 

Each and every day at 8.30 a member of our leadership team warmly welcome parents and children into school with a handshake at the door, this helps to create a deep feeling of belonging.

So if you are looking for a place for 2021 and want somewhere for your children to thrive book a personal tour with the office. 

Best regards,

Mrs Firth 

Executive Headteacher

Entry to Recption 2020

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If your child was born between 1st Sep 2016 and 31st Aug 2017 you can apply for a reception 2021 place at our school from 12th Sep 2020.  Closing date for applications is midnight on 15th January 2021. Any applications received after this date will be treated as a “late” application.

To apply please go online at the Peterborough City Council website and follow the relevant links.  If you have any queries please either ring Admissions on 01733 864007 or the school office on 01733 234185. Visits to school are welcomed at any time, please ring to make an appointment.

You may download the Admissions Booklet on the Peterborough City Council website to view our admissions arrangements.

The National Offer day is 16th April 2021, after which date our waiting list will be established 7th May 2021 is the closing date for parents to refuse or accept a place at our school. If no reply is received the offer will be withdrawn.

From the week commencing 18th May, the second round of allocations will take place for all late applications received between January and April.  Further offers will be made subject to places being available. On 25th May any applications received after the 1st May will be offered on an individual basis.

Should your child already be of school age and attending another Peterborough school you will need to request an In Year Transfer Form from your child’s current school. Once completed this must be forwarded to Admissions and your child will be placed on our relevant year group waiting list.  Offers are made by Admissions every 10 days approximately. You will be contacted by Admissions or by our school should your child be offered an In Year place at Winyate’s.

If your child is transferring from a school outside of Peterborough, please contact Admissions on 01733 864007 for advice

The School’s admission limit for Reception aged children is 30. Schools have “catchment areas” which, in Winyates Primary School’s case, are those housing areas nearest to the School:

Alnwick                          Bifield

Birchwood                    Hanbury

Hetley                            Howland

Paynels                         Wheatdole

Wingfield                       Winyates



Places are allocated in the following priority:

  1. Looked after children living in the catchment area.

  2. Verified medical need relating to the pupil.  Please note that the requirements are strict.  The application should be supported by a medical report, obtained by parents, which sets out the essential medical reasons why a child should attend Winyates Primary School rather than an alternative local school.

  3. Children living in the School’s catchment area.  If there are more applications than places available the allocation will be made in the following order:

(i)Children with a brother or sister in attendance at the School at the time of admission.  In cases of equal merit, priority will be given to those living nearest to the School by the shortest available walking route.

(ii)Children who would have furthest to walk by the shortest available safe walking route to the nearest alternative primary school with spare places.

4. Children living outside the School’s catchment area with a brother or sister in attendance at the School at the time of admission.  In case of equal merit, priority will be given to those living nearest to the School by the shortest available safe walking route.

5. Children from outside the School’s catchment area living nearest to the School by the shortest available safe walking route.  Within this category, consideration would be given first to any children unable to gain access to their local designated school because of over subscription.


The Governors are committed to the full implementation of the School’s Equal Opportunities Policy and, in consultation with the LEA, will positively consider the admission of pupils with disabilities.  Should such admission be made, the Governors will attempt to gain additional learning and other resources for the child to ensure that educational progress is made, the full curriculum is available (if appropriate) and that the child receives special needs support in accordance with the School’s Special Educational Needs Policy.

Special Education Needs and Disabilities at Winyates 


In the event of over-subscription in any category, distance from the school will be used to determine places with the closest gaining higher priority. Distance is measured from the centre of the child’s home address to the school using the National Ordnance Survey set points via the local authority’s computerised measuring system.

Waiting list:

  • If the school has more applications than places available parents may elect to place their child’s name on a waiting list.

  • Pupils will be placed on the waiting list in strict order according to the over-subscription criteria on the admissions policy. If a place becomes available at the school, places will be allocated according to these criteria.

  • The waiting list will be held from the allocation of places date, for at least one term in the year of admission.

  • Parents must contact the school and request that their child’s name is placed on the waiting list. This can be done by telephone or email.

  • Parents must contact the school within seven days of the allocation of school places.  Parents must contact the school again at the beginning of September if they wish their child to remain on the waiting list – within ten school days. Any places which become available at the beginning of September will be allocated after ten school days.


For independent advice about appeals and admissions please contact

The advisory centre for education

Direct Gov

Year 7 Entry to Secondary School

If your child is in Year 6, applications for secondary school opens on 12th September 2020. 

You should apply online at


The closing date for applications is 31st October 2020.

National Offer Day is 2nd March 2021.