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Our Garden is Waking Up

Mother nature is warming up and is beginning to show us her colours! Last year during the autumn the children planted some native bluebell bulbs in and around our Forest school area, and these have started flowering over the last couple of weeks. They are beautiful and dainty, although we must remind ourselves that once we pick a flower, it cannot keep on blooming and as there are only a few bluebells so far (we will have more each year they grow!) We would love to share them with everyone and the best way to do that is to leave them growing and admire them without picking! It is very important for us to encourage native flora and fauna in our school grounds as some of the plants and animals we are used to seeing are becoming less and less common. Our environment is changing so much; we are losing much of our wild uncut areas grassy areas across the country to developments and roads etc so in school we are very lucky to have a wild space to play and learn in. We have reseeded our wild flower maze this week, spread some wild flower seeds in grassy areas around the garden and planted over 50 sunflower seeds so We can look forward to enjoying some beautiful blooms in the future!

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