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Our Garden is Growing!

This week we have had some heavy lifting activities for Year 6 and Year 3 in the garden. For a number of years our garden has played host to two very long and very heavy railway sleepers. These were all that was left of some old raised beds that were built a long time ago but rotted away over the years. This week a group of dedicated and hardworking Year 6s pulled together to lift them and move them ALL the way to the centre of our wild flower maze for sitting on. Well done year 6s for moving the heaviest logs in the known universe! You made room for our next project to begin... which is where Year 3 come in! Year 3 managed to lug around over 300 bricks to build the structure for a herb spiral in the place where the railway sleepers were sitting.

A herb spiral is a mini contained herb garden in the shape of a snails shell. It is tall in the middle of the spiral, and short on the outside. This allows us to plant a number of different herbs and flowers that enjoy different conditions for growing. Plants that enjoy lots of sun and need space to grow long roots can go near the top where there is most soil, plants that need a little shade can go behind on the north side of the spiral in the middle, and plants that don’t need much room for roots to grow can go near the bottom of the spiral where there is only a few inches of space. Once we have filled it all up with soil and planted our chosen herbs we will also be digging an area to grow some bog plants at the base of the spiral; this part is very close the the water butts full of rain water so it will be easy to keep the bog plants nice and wet.

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