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New School House Names Voted in!

After the 2012 Olympics the children in our school chose house names based on successful team GB athletes. Over the past few weeks the house captains and vice captains have been looking at new role models who they feel demonstrate our school values of kindness, courage, responsibility, readiness, enthusiasm and respect. One the list of role models had been trimmed down the house captains invited all children in school to have their say through an in class vote.

The results of this have resulted in all houses receiving a new title and these names are as follows:

  • Murray House is now Rashford House. Named after Marcus Rashford for the incredible work he has done to ensure no child goes hungry, as well as his work on reading.

  • Ennis House is now Attenborough House. This house was named after David Attenborough for his work on animal conservation and tackling the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans.

  • Smith House is now Thunberg House. Titled after Greta Thunberg who has shown the world the importance of environmental issues and had an impact on how world leaders now look at this.

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