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Stibbington Day 2 - Updated

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

After an exciting evening campfire and marshmallows, we had a great sleep last night and were amazingly quiet and relaxed.

This morning, we have been training as Roman soldiers! We learnt about the uniforms they wore and the equipment they had to carry with them. Then, we practiced marching and learned commands in Latin. We are amazing at shield formations and would all make great Roman soldiers.

This afternoon we have learnt more about life as a Roman soldier. We were really brave trying new and exciting Roman style snacks like stuffed dates and had lots of fun creating our own Roman tiles. Then, we explored some 2000 year old artefacts and practiced our Roman numerals. For dinner, we had roast chicken (it was delicious) and then finished the day by watching Toy Story 2 with a treat of rice crispy cakes and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

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