Year 6 Careers Fair

For our end of term authentic outcome Year 6 hosted a meal for people in our community who have served us in one way or another. Since September, the children have been exploring our school question "What makes us who we are?". The children have explored the question in many ways which included them being historians, scientists geographers, theologians, artists and programmers.  The children planned and prepared their own dish in which they presented to our guests. The dish represented their response to the question. Alongside their dish the children prepared and presented a speech, explaining why they had made what they had, in response to the question. 

One child said, "I think the meal was a fantastic idea, we got to listen to our guests speak about their life experiences and how their skills made them the successful people they are. I loved making my dish and thinking about how I could show what makes me who I am. I also enjoyed listening to my peers and tasting their dishes. I thought it was a great outcome for our learning!"

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