Year 2 Stibbington Explorer Trip

After a term of learning about exploration, meeting a real explorer, learning about Robert Scott and what it takes to be an explorer,  Year 2 went to Stibbington on their own exploration - with their flags!

Before setting out on our journey, the children learnt basic orienteering skills such as how to use a compass and read a map.  Together, in teams they set out around Stibbington village to find clues to help them navigate their way to the 'South Pole'.  After a long trek we arrived and had the obligatory photo taken to celebrate the achievement.  Then on the way back we saw a rainbow, one child said 'Reaching the South Pole was like getting the gold at the end of the rainbow!'

We even had our own 'blizzard' on the way back to 'base camp'  as the rain and wind came down so we truly sympathised with Robert Scott and his men!

After reaching base camp and having some well needed food, we had some team challenges to do. We had to use our team work skills to save the husky from the floating iceberg, use our map reading skills to find the flag points, identifying the letter and returning back for another and finally the compass clue challenge where again, we had to find the letter associated to each compass point.

It was an action-packed day which was over very quickly, but was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.  One child said to me 'Miss it has been a perfect day!' which delighted Caroline, our organiser at the Centre!

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