• Mr Carson-Doughty

Snowy Forest School

As you can imagine, Forest School looked slightly different this week. Snow makes all the usual Forest School things much more interesting! As it turns out, Tarpaulins, usually for den building are also very useful for snow sledding, the Mud kitchen is much better when you can melt your own snow soup and we certainly appreciate the warmth of the fire more after our fingers get tingly cold from throwing snowballs! Snow is lovely... but when paired up with a camp fire, it becomes wonderful ! Year 1 were so sensible about returning to the fireside to warm up after creating havoc on the field and having a snowball fight! Year 3 had a beautiful moment around the fire this week where their previous days lesson came alive in a pot of snow melting and then evaporating over the fire. Year 5 also enjoyed the flickering flames and decided to tell stories around the Fire to help them warm up.

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