Good Morning, I just wanted to take a moment to ‘touch-base’ as I have been missing seeing you all every morning and I know from emails that all the staff feel the same. It is a strange world we are in at the moment, where the safest and best thing we can do is to ‘Stay Home and Stay Safe’ but our hearts tell us that we want to see each other, talk, socialise and share our news. I have enjoyed creating assemblies although I genuinely miss seeing all the children sat in front of me and sharing their thoughts and ideas with me. This thought led me to think about how we can stay in contact and you can share your moments of triumph; the awe and wonder you create and quite simply the learning that you have all worked so hard to achieve at home. As a result, we have created an email I would be delighted to hear from you. Stay safe and enjoy your time together as a family: I look forward to when we can meet up again in person. Mrs Bowles

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