High Flying Rugby Team top the League!

On Friday 4th October we welcomed Heritage Park Primary School in our final match of the Peterborough Tag Rugby League.

The game consisted of 7-minute thirds and was a very tightly fought affair. The first third was very end to end with each team exchanging tries before ending with us leading 4-3. This continued in the second third with us maintaining our lead narrowly with a 8-7 lead at the end of this period of the game. Finally, in the last third of the game we started to establish our dominance and pull away from Heritage park by capitalising on some good attacking moves. This meant that our team finished on top with a 11-9 victory and credit should be given to both teams for participating in such a close and high quality match.

In terms of the league this means that our team are now victorious and the first Peterborough Rugby League Champions after winning all three of their matches, while scoring an incredible 40 tries! Everyone in school is so proud of all of the players who took part during all three of the league matches, this was an excellent team performance.

Congratulations to all of the players.

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