Frozen Adventure in Forest School

Forest School has been very chilly this week - we had gentle snowflakes falling most of the day Monday and Tuesday, so it felt very wintery in the Forest School Area. In Forest School though, Cold weather doesn't mean bundling up in blankets inside... it means FIRE LIGHTING!

Across the school we have got very good at safely lighting a fire and even using it to cook on. Reception were very sensible this week as they were introduced to making fire for the very first time in school. They were respectful of each other and remembered to stay clear of the 'Danger Zone' where the fire bowl was standing while they enjoyed the heat and light and even sang a couple of fire songs. For the rest of the school, it was Hot Dogs all round! Quite a lot of classes are now so good at making fire that they can do all of the cooking by themselves. This time of year always feels like a war between the Spring and the Winter. There is a Scottish Myth that this time of year a Winter Hag called the Caileach is at war, fighting the God of Summer, Angus Og and his wife Brid; the God of Spring. The Caileach has a huge icey mallet that she strikes the earth with and turns everything to ice. Angus fights with a long red and golden sword. Whenever Angus and Brid are winning the fight, the flowers begin to grow and Spring starts to Creep in, but when the Caileach is winning, the Winter covers the land once more. Eventually Summer always wins and the Caileach will crawl away to rest, but only until the Autumn arrives, when the Caileach wakes up and reaches for her Mallet once more to fight again. If you look closely, you will begin to see signs of the Springtime appearing around us. There are buds on some of the trees in our little wood, and there are a few small green shoots breaking through the ground that will soon begin in flower. As you enjoy yourself this half term, think about Angus and Bird fighting for the Summer, and take a look around to see if you can find signs of their small victories.

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