Brilliant start to Year 4!

Mrs Heelie has been so impressed with her Year 4 class who have done a brilliant job settling in for the new year. They have done some fun activities which has allowed them to get to know each other better including sharing their 'All About Me' boxes that they completed over the summer. The children have enjoyed planning and making Viking Longships as part of their introduction to the Viking topic. They have also started taking reading books home and doing amazingly well on the REN learn tests! Finally, the children have really enjoyed their weekly class Strive sessions where they have been exploring the children's emotions and feelings. These last few days they have been talking about what they are grateful for, what they are good at and how they feel today in relation to different topics, e.g vehicles, cartoon characters and the weather. The children have been very open and happy to share their thoughts and feelings which has made the lesson very enjoyable!

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