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A great term in Reception!

What a first term Reception have had exploring our big question ‘What makes us who we are?’ Children have been on a fabulous journey learning about themselves, their emotions, their bodies and exploring why we have celebrations and what celebrations they enjoy with their families. They have been curious about finding out what they love to investigate by playing games, exploring our provision to understand the world around us. The children continued to grow in confidence when discussing memories they have had with their families, participated in role play activities celebrating birthdays, acted out key stories when looking at the differences and similarities to themselves and others when learning about the creation story and Diwali. 

When asking the children what has been the best part, they all agreed the magical day they had at West lodge. The children got all bundled up in coats, hats, gloves and wellies ready for a day of exploring Christmas traditions and meeting the big man himself! First of all, the children spent some time making their own reindeer food before heading to elf school where they got a new elf hat and took a ride in the sleigh. Then they headed into the post room where they wrote a note to Father Christmas, letting him know they’d been good and what they’d like for Christmas. Finally, they got to see Santa which was very magical and they all got to have a chat with him, followed by a trip to the toy room to choose a gift. There was so much choice and the children had a great time making a difficult decision! After lunch, the children took part in the Nativity story by singing and some brave children even dressed up and had some lines to say! 

The children were a credit to our school and really showed off how wonderful we really are at demonstrating our school values.

We are so very proud of what they have achieved over their first term, we had a wonderful time together.

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