Mrs Colette Firth – Executive Head

Mrs Deboragh Bowles – Head of School

Mrs Amy Jones – Deputy Head and Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Kate Joubert - Assistant Head, SENCo and Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Emily Venters – Reception Class Teacher and EYFS Leader

Miss Nancy Brundle – Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Jo Proud – Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Heidi Walton – Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Danielle Rawlins-Found - Year 3 Class Teacher

Mr Andrew Carter – Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs Chris Favell – Year 5 Senior Teacher and Literacy Leader

Miss Lucy Hallam – Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Laura Marriott – Year 6 Class teacher

Mr Matt Carson-Doughty – PE Team Leader, Educational Visits Coordinator and Extra-Curricular Coordinator

Mr Grant McClean – Sports Coach

Mrs Ellie Clarke – SENCo / Occupational Therapist 

Mrs Jess Adams – Family Liaison

Miss Jade Sayle - STRIVE Practitioner

Mrs Loretana Ambrosio - STRIVE Practitioner

Miss Jade Sayle - STRIVE Practiner

Miss Lisa Corley – Learning Mentor

Mrs Josie McQuade – School Business Manager

Mrs Lou Scott – School Secretary

Mr Alan Mclean – Caretaker

Miss Shelley Tomkins – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sandra Burkitt – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Julie Evans – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hilary Colbert – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Beth Cannon – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Richardson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Denise Corbyn – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Bishop – Teaching Assistant/MDS

Mrs Shirley Corleys – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Rymill – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jackie Pinhorn – Teaching Assistant/MDS

Ms Louise Potrykus – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Donna Towell – Catering Manager

Mrs Tracey Begg – Catering Assistant

Mrs Caroleann Yeoman –MDSr and Cleaner

Mrs Miroslawa Wesolowska –MDS and Cleaner

Miss Donna Stead – Cleaner

Mrs Barbora Kozak – Cleaner