Year 5 Greek Day!

For our first day back of the year the Year 5 class took part in a Greek Day to immerse ourselves fully into our new topic, Ancient Greece. The day began with the children having an opportunity to say what they already knew, as well as asking some questions for what they would like to find out during the topic.

Next we were created a Laurel Leaf Crown, which the children then wore for the day. These crowns were given to Ancient Greeks as a sign of victory, power or leadership. After this the children all researched their own Greek name that they had been given for the day. The names were all Greek Gods, Goddesses or famous heroes/people.

Finally during the afternoon we took part in our own Olympic Games where we trialed some of the activities that took place in the Ancient Greek games, as well as Modern times. The children then completed a matching activity where they learnt all about the different events and how they have changed over time.