Year 5 Blog

Year 5 Reading Cafe – Monday 5th March 2018

Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon of sharing reading with their parents, testing their reading fluency and playing vocabulary and inference games.

The highlight for the children was being presented with their books and listening to our visiting storyteller, Rose Croft, who really engaged children and adults alike with her story-telling!

Thank you to parents, children and particularly to the National Literacy Trust’s Young Reader’s Programme, for making our Reading Café a success and for helping us to really engage our children with reading!


Pizza Express Attendance Trip – Thursday 1st March 2018

Due to our outstanding attendance before Christmas we won the terms attendance prize. This meant that today we were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to go to Pizza Express in town for a pizza making session.

The Children had a fantastic time and all managed to make their own cheese and tomato pizza. They were shown how to create the base before spreading their sauce and sprinkling the cheese over the top.

We all had a fantastic time and even had compliments from people we saw about how well behaved we were.


Bushfield Badminton – Thursday 25th January and 1st February 2018

In the past two Thursday sessions we carried on learning how to play Badminton at Ormiston Bushfield Academy.

On Thursday 25th January we learnt how to perform an overhead clear shot. This is used when defending in order to hit a long shot. We then progressed on to play in singles matches, during which we learnt how to score a point.

This week we progressed on to learn the underarm serve. All of the children worked really hard and managed to serve accurately, with some even managing to get the shuttle in the back tram lines! Finally we progressed on to take part in doubles matches, where we learnt the subtle differences between playing doubles and singles.

Back to Badminton – Thursday 18th January 2018

This Thursday we returned to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to continue with our Badminton sessions.

To begin the lesson we warmed up by recapping our underarm clear shot that we learnt before. Despite this being all the way back in November the children were great at remembering and performing the shot correctly.

Next we moved on to the focus of this wee, which was backhand serving. All of the children managed to complete this skill and through this learning it set us up to be able to play competitive games.

Table Tennis Trip – Thursday 11th January 2018

Today we walked to Ormiston Bushfield Academy for our Badminton lesson, however unfortunately the hall was being used for a test. Luckily the PE teachers at OBA managed to sort it out so we could experience a new sport. This sport was table tennis and we played in the squash courts.

During our table tennis we had a brilliant time. We learnt how to serve to start a point and how to play some basic rally shots on our forehand and backhand. After our practice we went on to take part in some singles and even a few doubles table tennis matches.

Ultimately we really enjoyed the session and the opportunity to learn something new.

Spring Term PE – Wednesday 3rd January 2018

This term we will be learning the key principles of forming Gymnastics routines, while exploring complex balances. We will also be travelling to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to learn the sport of Badminton. Alongside all of this we will be working on our previous learning of Netball and Football by further developing the skills that we use in these sports. Our PE lessons will be remaining on the same days this term so PE kits are needed in school on a Thursday and a Friday. A good PE kit should include a Winyates PE t-shirt (available from total clothing for only £5) or a plain white t-shirt, black or blue shorts or tracksuit trousers and a black or blue jacket/jumper. Earrings should also be removed on PE days and long hair should be tied up. Finally trainers need to be in PE kits as we will be going outside for some of our lessons and it may be good to include spare socks in case they get wet.

End of the Autumn Term – Wednesday 20th December 2017

We are all looking forward to our Xmas holiday as we break up on Wednesday 20th December 2017. Could you please provide your child with a plastic bag so they can bring anything left at School home, as we tidy our trays and cloakroom.

Butterflies have had a ‘taster’ of their new English Topic ‘Bringing things to Life’ which revolves around Philip Pullman’s book ‘Clockwork’.

Your child has been asked to create, research or write about what they already know about this book. Last year, we had some amazing models based on the children’s predictions of what the story was about. Mrs Burkitt and I are looking forward to seeing their ideas in the New Year.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support and wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas. From Mrs Favell and Mrs Burkitt.

Trampolining at Ormiston Bushfield Academy – Thursday 16th November 2017

This week we were very lucky to be able to use the trampolines at Ormiston Bushfield Academy to learn this exciting new sport. We are very lucky that we have been allowed to use the trampolines for the rest of this half term.

Each week we will be learning the various skills of trampolining and this week we started with seat drops and half twist jumps.

Ormiston Bushfield Academy Badminton Lesson – Thursday 9th November 2017

Today we travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to use their facilities in order to learn the new sport of Badminton. We are lucky enough that OBA have agreed to let us use their facilities so we are able to experience a sport that we wouldn’t normally learn in school.

During our session we learnt the underarm clear shot and managed to perform some rallies in a pair.

Hockey Training at City of Peterborough Hockey Club – Thursday 12th October

Today our training session was all about defending. We learnt the importance of getting our stick low and blocking the attacker in order to win the ball.

First of all we took part in a game of bulldog in order to practice our dribbling and defending tactics. Next we split into two groups. Half of the class worked in tackle boxes tacking part in a 1 vs 1 situation with a partner, while the other half played a competitive numbers game where you ran out when your number was called and tried to defend your line.

At the end of the lesson we went back into bulldog and our tackling really improved, which made it much harder for the dribblers.

Hockey Training at City of Peterborough Hockey Club – Thursday 5th October

This week the theme of our training session was dribbling. We worked on various activities to develop our control when dribbling on the strong and reverse side of our stick.

Firstly we worked on the V-drag technique which we identified as being a very good skill for tricking defenders. Then we moved on to a dribbling slalom, and a dribbling shuttle.

Our coach Neil said that it would be brilliant to see all of the children at the junior club training on a Sunday morning. See information below for how you can join.

Download (PDF, 1.52MB)

Hockey Training at City of Peterborough Hockey Club – Thursday 28th September

Today we went to the City of Peterborough Hockey Club for our first hockey training session. We began with a warm up where we had to run the width of the pitch, and back, before completing some stretches.

Next we practiced our push and slap passes with a partner. We challenged ourselves by trying to get the ball through a gate, which we made smaller every time we were successful.

Finally to end the session we played a few games of bulldog to work on our dribbling skills.


International Day of Peace – Thursday 21st September 2017

Today Year 5 have been learning all about peace. We have been exploring peace around this year’s theme: Together for Peace – Respect, Safety & Dignity for all.

Within this we have learnt about the story of Yusra and Ishak who managed to overcome diversity and war to achieve and further their quality of life through the help of the United Nations.

We completed spider diagrams to show what peace was to us, as well as creating our own posters to celebrate the day.

Download (PDF, 369KB)

Polar Museum Visit – Thursday 14th September 2017

Butterflies Class visited The Polar Museum in Cambridge.

We are learning about the Antarctic and its explorers, such as; Sir Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton.  We wanted to experience the excitement of learning from primary resources (objects that were actually used by the men themselves!  We loved it!

We got to sit in a Lecture Room at the Scott Polar Research Institute.. just like university students!

We learned such a lot!  If you would like to see some photos of the amazing things we saw then please check out our class gallery page by clicking here.

Welcome to Year 5! – Thursday 7th September 2017

The Butterflies have been working hard in year 5 at building their Learning Powers, and we are very excited about this week as we are going to the Polar Museum in Cambridge. This term we’re learning about Antarctica and some of its famous explorers.  Additionally we are reading a book called Ice Trap which is about Ernest Shackleton (a famous Antarctic explorer from the First World War).

Please note, we have their P.E lessons are on Friday and Thursday.