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Ferry Meadows Orienteering Trip – Wednesday 19th June 2019

As a part of our topic about the ever changing climate we visited Ferry Meadows to absorb our local environment. Whilst there the children took part in a range of different activities.

Initially we went into the wooded area, where we took part in forest school activities. The children worked with their friends to create different dens using strong structures from fallen branches. Additionally, they had a chance to apply their tree climbing skills.

Next we split off into teams to take part in the orienteering course. The children were given the opportunity to navigate their way around ferry meadows following a map. In order to be successful the children had to orientate their map, before using the clues to discover the markers.

The children all worked very well during their orienteering and were rewarded with a chance to use the play park before a spot of lunch and heading back to school.

Shakespeare Day – Monday 25th February 2019

Today our entire day was dedicated to the life and works of William Shakespeare, which will be our new topic for this half term.

First of all we learnt all about the key events that happened during his life and we plotted them onto a timeline to show them in chronological order. Next we had a chance to learn some of the vocabulary that Shakespeare used by experimenting with Shakespearean insults. The children really enjoyed it when we took advantage of the sunshine to go out onto the playground so that we could perform our insults dramatically. Finally we took a virtual tour of the Globe Theatre and learnt a lot about this incredible venue and the plays that took place there.

Archery – Wednesday 16th January 2019

This afternoon we all tried to replicate the heroic skill of Odysseus when we took part in some archery. The session was a brilliant chance for most of the children to learn a new skill, while the children who went to Grafham Water could demonstrate what they had learnt.

Odysseus was renowned for his excellent archery skills and today the children gained an understanding of what it takes to participate in this activity, which will help to inform their future writing.


Orton Rowing Qualifying Event – Monday 14th January 2019

Our whole class travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy today to take part in the Orton Rowing Qualifying Event. During this afternoon each child had a 2 minute attempt to row as far as they could on an indoor rowing machine. The rowing machine then linked up to a computer system where the children could see the progress of their boat on the projector screen.

The scores of the children are going to be accumulated and then the top 5 boys and the top 5 girls will get to go back to OBA in February for the finals.

Greek Architecture – Thursday 3rd January 2019

Today the children used their architect skills to create their own Greek structures. These were built using paper, newspaper and sellotape. Here are a few of our structures.


Greek Day – Wednesday 2nd January 2019

For our first day back of the year the Year 5 class took part in a Greek Day to immerse ourselves fully into our new topic, Ancient Greece. The day began with the children having an opportunity to say what they already knew, as well as asking some questions for what they would like to find out during the topic.

Next we were created a Laurel Leaf Crown, which the children then wore for the day. These crowns were given to Ancient Greeks as a sign of victory, power or leadership. After this the children all researched their own Greek name that they had been given for the day. The names were all Greek Gods, Goddesses or famous heroes/people.

Finally during the afternoon we took part in our own Olympic Games where we trialed some of the activities that took place in the Ancient Greek games, as well as Modern times. The children then completed a matching activity where they learnt all about the different events and how they have changed over time.

National Space Centre Visit – Wednesday 5th December 2018

Today we took the bus to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre. This was a fantastic opportunity for all of the children to further build upon the knowledge that they have obtained over this half term in our Science topic of Earth and Space.

When we arrived we delved straight into all of the interactive displays by heading to the Our Solar System section. Within here the children had a chance to travel around the different planets and objects in our solar system, learning about them and getting a grips with the Mars Rover, a landing simulation on Venus and even a chance to see Pluto through a telescope.

Next up we went to the Rocket Tower where the children were amazed to see two real life space rockets – the Blue Streak and the towering Thor Able. As we climbed the tower (up to an incredible 45m) the children learnt all about the two rockets, as well as the USA and USSR space race and the moon landing.

The final exhibits that we visited showed us a replica of the International Space Station before we moved further afield to explore the Universe. In here the children had a chance to see a model replica of the stars in the sky before seeing a glimpse of what alien life could really be like, as well as what is needed for it to exist.

Finally we had an opportunity to go into the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium where we watched a show all about astronauts. This was an immersive experience where the children laid back in their chairs and looked up as they were surrounded by outer space and the trials that astronauts have to undertake in order to get there.

Overall this was a truly fantastic day where all of the children learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done to everyone for representing our school in such a fantastic way, they made the adults with them very proud.

To see additional pictures visit our gallery page by clicking here.

Class Update – Monday 15th October 2018

I am sorry to let you know that Mrs Favell is currently not in school due to a significant back
problem. Mrs Favell is currently undergoing a variety of scans and tests to understand the nature of the back pain.
We are hopeful that she will be fit and well soon and are very much looking forward to her
returning. Until Mrs Favell returns Mr Carson-Doughty will be taking over the class.

Final Hockey Session at the City of Peterborough Hockey Club – Friday 12th October 2018

Today culminated the Year 5 classes training sessions at the City of Peterborough Hockey Club. During their time there the children gained a vast array of hockey skills that they are hoping to further develop within school. The final session involved the children taking part in a round robin tournament in their teams. While all of the children performed well Bethany was selected as the Player of the Tournament for her excellent determination and skills. As a result of this she received a trophy and an Adidas hockey t-shirt as her prize.

We are now looking forward to welcoming professional hockey coach Neil Evans into school where he will work with all of the classes during our hockey week next week.

Hockey Coaching at City of Peterborough Hockey Club – Autumn Term 1 2018

In year 5 we are extremely lucky that during one of our PE lessons we will be travelling to the City of Peterborough Hockey Club to be receiving expert hockey coaching from professional coach and National League Hockey Player Neil Evans.

We are really looking to learning some new skills that will help us to progress with our hockey ability, as well as getting a chance to train on a real hockey pitch.

Welcome Back – Wednesday 5th September 2018

This is our first newsletter as Swifts Class and your children seem to be settling into Year 5, really well. We have started the year with some exciting activities, such as:  Forest School, a Boat-Building Science Project and a trip to The Natural History Museum in London!

We are also excited to have the opportunity to have Hockey coaching on Friday’s, when we shall travel to Peterborough Hockey Ground.


P.E. is on Wednesdays and Thursdays – P.E. kit needs to be brought in on these days.

FOREST SCHOOL:  Children will need appropriate footwear and clothing as we shall be outside despite the weather (e.g. trainers/wellingtons/socks/gloves/coats).

HOMEWORK:  Given out on a Friday and returned completed. On the following Wednesday.  If your child experiences problems in completing it, we shall be holding a Homework Workshop Wednesday playtimes.

READING:  Children should read for at least 15 mins daily at home. Please initial their learning journal so they have the opportunity of going into our weekly draw, for the chance to win a brand new book!

Many thanks for your support.

Mrs C. Favell

Year 5 teacher and English/MFL leader