Year 4 Blog

STEM Day – Thursday 7th February 2019

Throughout this term Year Four have been busy exploring an exciting STEM project…This time we had to design and build a PYRAMID! How amazing! We have been real Winyates Heroes to do this: Working together in teams with team leaders (Emma, Grace and Mantas) to guide us; we have had to persevere and think really creatively. To start our projects, we had to think creatively about what we would want to create – what are pyramids like? What do they need to have so they can be free-standing? We then moved on to using a computer program called ‘Sketch-up’ to create a graphical representation of the inside of a pyramid. This was a lot trickier than it sounds and we had to develop experts in the class to support each other. Once we had mastered this, we started to build a prototype of our pyramid. The final part took place on Thursday 7th February. Year 4 held a combined STEM day with children from St John’s Church School. The hall was full of learning – there was a real ‘buzz’ about the day! The day commenced with a discussion based approach to using the tools like saws and glue guns and drills safely (as previously taught) and ensuring that we were ready for the challenge ahead. We worked in groups of 10 with a team leader and it was their responsibility to ensure the teams were successful. We all learnt about working as a team, sharing responsibility and working towards a shared goal.

Mountfitchet Castle – Monday 10th September 2018

On Monday 10th September 2018, Year 4 (Lion Class), were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to inspire our learning, by visiting an Anglo-Saxon settlement. This was an opportunity for history to come alive because the children were going to see a place built around the era that we are studying. This will then help the children in other areas of the curriculum.

When we arrived at Mountfitchet Castle the children were instantly enthused and keen to explore the Castle grounds. Once inside, we were able to identify the different areas within the castle and experience what life must have been like during this period. The children were able to see: where the king would have lived as well as the remainder of the settlement; learn about some of the cruel methods of torture they used; some of the weapons that they used and the forms of work and trade that the settlement would have had.

As an added learning experience the children were able to see and feed some of the animals that the settlement would have had. The day was a tremendous success because of the children’s thirst to know about the Anglo-Saxons. This fantastic opportunity will help the children in their learning and I look forward to sharing their work with you in the near future.


Welcome Back – Wednesday 5th September 2018

The Lion Class have settled straight back into school life and already started on their learning journey. Over the first 3 days we have looked at ourselves as learners and where our strengths and weaknesses lie.

This week we will be immersing ourselves in the learning and this started with an amazing visit to Mountfitchet Castle, during which time the children learnt about an Anglo Saxon settlement.