Year 1 Woburn Zoo Trip

Today, Year 1 had an amazing trip to Woburn Safari Park. We started the day with a lovely bus journey singing our favourite song ‘we are the children of Winyates School’. At Woburn we drove around the safari and got really close to the rhinos and lions – it was a bit scary! Then we entered the monkey enclosure and they were very cheeky, about 5 monkeys were climbing all over our coach and messing about – when we wanted to leave, a lady from Woburn had to use a big stick to get the monkeys off the roof of the coach! After some lunch, we went to look at the wallabies and sea lions, then it was time for the keeper to tell us all about the African animals that live in Woburn. We learnt about meerkats, mongoose and porcupines. Next, most of us went to feed the lorikeet birds in rainbow landing, they landed all over us – even on our heads! The last thing for us to do was visit the foot safari and walk through the lemur enclosure, we really wanted to stroke them but the keepers told us they often bite! Finally, it was time to head back to the buses and return to Winyates, we really had a great day!