Year 1 Blog

Outdoor Classroom Day – Thursday 23rd May 2019

Year 1 loved celebrating outdoor classroom day today by spending the afternoon outside painting. We began by using natural materials to create art, then finger painted the landscape. Finally, we took our shoes and socks off and made a footprint/handprint banner to hang in our classroom.

Planting – Tuesday 7th May 2019

Today, Year 1 went outside to explore our topic of plants by planting beans, tomatoes, turnips and lettuce into the brand new school garden!

Science Week – w.c. Monday 11th March 2019

To launch science week in Year 1 we investigated flight. We made our own paper aeroplanes and helicopters and preformed and experiment to see which would travel further and which would land faster. Everybody loved testing their aeroplanes from different heights and in different wind conditions.
After our experiment we discussed our conclusions about flight. We decided that paper aeroplanes will travel further because they have more flat paper for the wind to catch.
The class have decided that they want to find out why the paper helicopter spins around so we will be looking into that soon.

Planetarium Visit – Tuesday 12th February 2019

Today Year 1 were visited by a mobile planetarium. We had to climb inside the dome through a dark tunnel and sit inside; some of us found it a bit scary! We started by looking at the different planets and we really impressed the man with our knowledge of Tim Peak and the International Space Station. Then the lights all turned off and the stars were projected all around us, we found constellations in the night sky and watched the sun rise.

Superhero Afternoon – Monday 26th November 2018

As part of Year 1’s Superhero topic, Wonder Woman came in to our class to run a superhero boot camp. We learned all about Wonder Woman’s story as well as doing teamwork, communication and mind reading training. All of Year 1 were very grateful to Wonder Woman for taking time away from saving people to speak to us!