Winyates Leadership Team

Executive Head – Colette Firth

Head of School – Deboragh Bowles

Deputy School Leader – Amy Jones

Here are a few words from our Head of School – Deboragh Bowles:

I feel privileged to be the Head of school at Winyates Primary and I know that by working together we will all make a difference to the lives of all the children who come here. I believe we are a partnership – the school and the home and we can achieve great things as a team.

I have a real passion for learning and before becoming Head of School at Winyates, I was an English specialist so it is my belief that reading is the key to success! I know stories unlock magical worlds and words hold secrets for all (adults and children alike) to share in.

I look forward to our journey together and I know we will experience many successes this year and every year! Winyates is an amazing school with fantastic children and families; staff, classrooms and outdoor learning spaces, I know we can achieve great things!