Sporting Competitions

Year 5/6 Peterborough Netball Finals – Tuesday 2nd April 2019

This afternoon we went to Arthur Mellows Village College to take part in the Peterborough Netball Finals. Despite the rain all of the children were eager to take get started.

The tournament included 10 teams who had all qualified from their feeder tournaments meaning that the standard was very high. During the event we won 3, drew 1 and lost 5 of our matches, which meant that we finished in 6th place overall.

All of the children should be really proud of their efforts, they were exceptional and made us all very proud of them.

Year 3/4 Orton Netball Tournament – Monday 1st April 2019

On a really sunny afternoon we traveled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to take part in the Orton Netball Tournament between both ourselves and St Johns. Each school had two teams and everyone played against everyone in a round robin format.

In the first match the A team narrowly lost 2-1 against St Johns A, while the B team drew 1-1 with St Johns B. During the next game our two teams played against each other with the A team winning 7-0. Finally in the last game our B team lost 2-0 to St Johns A team, while our A team yet again won 7-0 against St Johns B team.

When the scores were combined our A team finished in 2nd place and our B team finished in 4th place. After seeing their performances I am now very excited for the future, as we had some excellent netball players on display.

Year 5/6 Orton Netball Tournament – Monday 25th March 2019

Today we were lucky enough to take 3 teams to the Orton Netball Tournament allowing 21 of our Year 5 and 6 children to take part in this inter-school competition.

The tournament was split into 3 groups of 3 with each of our teams in a separate group. The A team won both of their matches and finished top of their group while the B team drew both of their matches and finished second in their group. This meant enough for both teams to qualify for the semi-finals. Unfortunately the C team did not manage to win any of their matches but they played some excellent netball and progressed well as the day went on.

In the semi-finals both of our teams were unsuccessful meaning that they played against each other in the 3rd/4th place play off with the B team winning 2-1.

All of the children represented the school superbly and we are proud of their effort and performances. Congratulations to everyone.

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Friendly vs Heritage Park Primary School – Wednesday 20th March 2019

This afternoon we travelled to Heritage Park Primary School to take part in a tag rugby friendly match. There were two teams and they played both of the other schools teams.

The children played very well and managed to apply their skills brilliantly. We managed to score some excellent tries, as well as completing some very accurate passes and dribbles.

Both of our teams managed to win some of their matches against the other teams and all of the children made Mr Carson-Doughty and Mr McClean very proud of them. Well done to all of the players.


Year 5/6 Orton Football Tournament – Monday 11th March 2019

Yesterday our Year 5/6 football teams went to OBA to take part in the Orton football tournament. There were 7 teams from 4 schools who all played against each other in a round robin competition. Despite some strong performances and good goals our B team finished in 7th place. The A team fared better and managed to score some incredible goals, which led to some good wins resulting in the team finishing in 3rd place. Well done to all of the footballers who made us proud.

Year 5 Rowing Finals – Monday 11th February 2019

This afternoon we took our top 5 boy and top 5 girl rowers to participate in the Orton Schools Rowing Finals. These children were chosen by performing best during our qualifying event in January.

Each child took part in a 2 minute rowing race against children from the other Orton Primary Schools. All of our children were fantastic and we even had 3 members of our team that managed to row over 400m!

When the scores were collected we managed to finish in a fantastic 3rd place, scoring 3 more points for the Orton Sports Cup. Well done to all of the rowers, you were determined and persevered excellently!

Year 4 Sports Hall Athletics Competition – Monday 3rd December 2018

Today the entire Year 4 class traveled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to participate in the annual Year 4 Sports Hall Athletics Competition.

While there all of the children took part in the field events, which included a standing high jump, standing long jump, netball shot, wall catch and chest push. Additionally, all children got to take part in at least one race on the track. The races were the sprint relay, hurdle relay, obstacle relay and the long distance relay.

At the end of the tournament all of the scores were combined to give the overall team scores. Due to our outstanding performance the children managed to finish in 1st position, scoring an incredible 533 points! Well done to the whole Year 4 class, who are not only champions but have contributed 5 points towards the Orton Sports Cup.

Year 5/6 Orton Hockey Tournament – Monday 12th November 2018

This afternoon we welcomed Orton St Johns Church School, Orton Wistow Primary School and Braybrook Primary School to our school for the annual Orton Hockey Tournament.

During the tournament we had 6 teams taking part so the competition was split into two groups of 3, which was then followed by semi finals and finals to decide on positions.

Within the group our A team managed to win 2-1 vs Braybrook B before drawing 0-0 with St Johns, while the B team won 4-0 against Braybrook A and then lost 2-0 to Orton Wistow.

This meant that both of our teams had qualified for the semi finals where they had to play against each other. In a very close match the B team came out on top and won the game 2-1.

As a result of the semi-finals Winyates A played against St Johns in the 3rd/4th place play off and narrowly lost 1-0 meaning that they finished in 4th place overall. The B team played against Orton Wistow in a rematch from their earlier encounter, however this time they managed to win the game with a sensational 5-0. Despite the scoreline this was a very tight final with the Winyates team defending hard and then finishing their chances on the counter attack.

Well done to all of the players you should be extremely proud of yourselves, and a further congratulations to our B team (who are all from Year 5) that are now the Orton Hockey Champions!

Field hockey Ice hockey Hockey Sticks Hockey puck

Year 3/4 Orton Tag Rugby Tournament – Monday 8th October 2018

This afternoon our Year 3/4 Tag Rugby players travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to take part in the Orton Tag Rugby Tournament.

The tournament started with our A team narrowly losing 3-2 to Orton Wistow Primary School while our B team drew 2-2 with Braybrook Primary School. In the next match the A team bounced back with a 3-1 win against Braybrook Primary School and the B team narrowly lost to Orton St John’s Church School. Then our teams faced off against each other with the A team edging it with a 2-1 victory. Finally the A team played against St Johns and lost 4-3, while the B team lost 3-1 to Orton Wistow.

In the end when the scores were combined the B team finished in 4th place and the A team finished in 3rd place overall. Well done to all of the players, they played some excellent rugby while gaining lots of valuable experience for the future.

Year 5/6 Orton Tag Rugby Tournament – Monday 1st October 2018

Today we travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to participate in the Year 5/6 Orton Tag Rugby Tournament. We took two teams along full of excited players that couldn’t wait to get started.

In the first round of matches both of our teams won their initial games with the A team beating Orton Wistow Primary School 3-1 and the B team beating Braybrook Primary School 4-2. Next up the A team played against Braybrook and managed to win 6-2, while the B team unfortunately lost to Orton St John’s Church School. Then it was time for both of our teams to play each other with the A team edging it by winning 5-1. Finally the B team narrowly lost to Orton Wistow, while the A team managed to clinch a final 6-4 win against St Johns.

This meant that the A team had the sensational record of going unbeaten throughout the entire tournament and were crowned Champions! Despite some results not going their way the B team should also be very proud of their efforts, as they played some excellent rugby and finished in 4th place.

Well done to all of the players you were a true credit to our school.

A New Year of Sport – Wednesday 5th September 2018

Last year we managed to achieve an incredible amount of success with all of our sports teams here at Winyates Primary School, and I cannot wait until we get started again this year. Further to this we enjoyed a host of success in the Peterborough and County Tournaments and I am sure that with the exceptional ability displayed by our children we will go on to achieve more success again this year.

Mr Carson-Doughty & Mr McClean