Sporting Competitions

Sporting Hand Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Football Tournament – Wednesday 12th July 2017

This afternoon we took a Year 3/4 team and a Year 5/6 team to the first ever Sporting Hand Football Tournament.

The Year 3/4 team were playing together for the first time since March and managed to play some really nice football. Unfortunately the results didn’t always match the teams efforts meaning that the team finished in 6th place overall.

The Year 5/6 team really shone and scored some sensational goals, while defending very well throughout. This meant that the team managed to finish in a brilliant 3rd place overall with only goal difference stopping them from claiming 2nd place.

Both teams competed in an exceptional manner, showing off their football skills while maintaining excellent sportsmanship throughout and should be very proud of their performances, they all represented the school brilliantly.

Vivacity Hockey Tournament – Wednesday 5th July 2017

On Wednesday 5th July we travelled to the City of Peterborough Hockey Club to take part in the final Year 5/6 Vivacity Hockey Tournament of the year. We took two teams to the tournament, which included three Year 4 children.

The tournament was played in a round robin format where all teams played against each other followed by final placing matches to finish. The teams played very well with the A team winning 4 and drawing 1 match, and the B team winning 3, drawing 1 and losing 1 game. This was a sensational performance by both teams which led to both Winyates teams playing against each other in the final to decide who would finish in 1st and 2nd place overall.

The match started well with both teams playing brilliantly. Both teams scored however penalty strokes were required to split the teams with the A team eventually winning 2-1.

Both teams should be incredibly proud of themselves, as we are. They both played exceptionally well and were a credit to themselves and the school, with all of the children being winners in our eyes. The future of Winyates Hockey is definitely in good hands!

County School Games Finals – Thursday 29th June 2017

This year our school were fortunate enough to have three team qualified for the County School Games in St Ives. The teams that qualified were the Year 3/4 Tennis Team, Year 5/6 Hockey Team and the Year 5/6 Quadkids Athletics Team. This was a true honour for all of the children as they were now not only representing school but the whole of Peterborough.

During the Tennis all of the children played excellently, taking part in 4 matches where each child played against the same ranked child from the other school. Overall the team managed to finish in 10th position.

The Hockey team started slowly but then put together some strong form to manage to finish 3rd in their group. This meant that the children finished in a very respectable 9th place out of 20 schools.

Finally the athletes performed incredibly well and all of the children put everything into all of their events. Within the event every child had to take part in the 75m sprint, standing long jump, vortex throw, and the 600m run. Overall the children finished in 5th place.

All of the children were really fantastic and we are all very proud of them!


Year 3+4 Peterborough Tennis Tournament – Friday 10th June 2017

On Friday 10th June we travelled to the City of Peterborough Tennis Club to take part in the Peterborough Tennis Tournament. Within the tournament the children were split into three teams of four with each child getting a ranking 1-4. They would then compete against the other children of the same ranking from the other schools and teams.

All of the children were absolutely brilliant and managed to apply their skills very well during this competitive situation.

The children all took part in 5 matches scoring 1 point towards their team score for every victory they managed to achieve. Every one of the children was fantastic and managed to win some of their matches, with some even managing to win all of their matches.

Overall when the scores were calculated our school managed to finish in 1st, 2nd and 4th place in the tournament, which was a fantastic result for all of the teams.

As a result of winning the tournament this also means that our B team have now qualified to represent the whole of Peterborough in the upcoming County Tennis Finals on 29th June.

Year 3 Orton Rounders Tournament – Friday 26th May 2017

On a very hot and sunny Friday afternoon we travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to take part in the annual Year 3 Rounders Tournament. This is a tournament that we have enjoyed historic success in by winning this tournament for the last 5 years running.

In this years tournaments there were three schools taking part, meaning that we had two matches to play.

The first match was against St John’s Primary School and we managed to win by scoring 5 rounders – 3 rounders. Then in our second match we played against Braybrook Primary School. During this match the team were phenomenal and we managed to claim victory
again by scoring an incredible 7½ rounders – ½ rounder.  The children should be so proud that they managed to score so many brilliant rounders, while restricting the other team to only ½ a rounder.

This meant that overall we finished in 1st place, carrying on our tradition of success. The children should all be very proud of themselves as we are too. Well done team, you were phenomenal!

Year 3+4 Hunts Kwik Cricket Tournament – Thursday 18th May 2017

This year’s Hunts Kwik Cricket Tournament took place at Peterborough Town Sports Club. There were 8 schools taking part in total with 2 groups of 4 teams.

Within the tournament our group consisted of Fulbridge Academy, The Beeches Primary School and Thorpe Primary School. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to win any of the matches but the children played brilliantly. Throughout the whole tournament they only got out 8 times and managed to get the other schools out an incredible 14 times.

Overall this meant that the team finished in 4th place in the group. Well  done to all of the players despite the results this was a much improved performance by all of the players. They are all growing into very capable cricket players.

Year 3+4 Orton Kwik Cricket Tournament – Friday 12th May 2017

We travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy on a very wet afternoon to take part in the Orton Kwik Cricket Tournament.

Within the tournament we took part in 2 matches. The first match was against St Johns Church School and the children played brilliantly, although unfortunately we lost narrowly by 233 runs to 237 runs.

In our next match we played against Orton Wistow Primary School hoping to bounce back from the first game and the children did just that! They started the game by fielding and did exceptionally well to limit Orton Wistow to only 214 runs, while managing to get them out an incredible 3 times. Then when it was our turn to bat the children followed on by scoring an impressive 239 runs to claim the victory.

Overall this meant that the team finished in 2nd place, scoring 4 points towards the Orton Sports Cup. The children are now looking forward to next week when they will take part in the Peterborough Kwik Cricket Tournament, hoping to build on this week’s success.

Year 1+2 County Kwik Fire Threes Tournament – Thursday 11th May 2017

After a sensational performance in last week’s Peterborough Kwik Fire Threes Tournament we travelled back to Peterborough Town Cricket Club to take part in the County Final. This tournament matched us up with all of the best teams across the whole of Cambridgeshire.

We took part in 4 matches and despite narrowly losing in 3, we drew our final match with a brilliant effort.

All of the children were truly fantastic and deserve so much credit for the way they played on the day, as well as the fact that they have participated in a County Final at such a young age!

When all of the scores were totalled up we managed to finish in 4th place overall. Congratulations to all of the players you represented not only the school but the whole of Peterborough excellently!

Year 5+6 Peterborough Hockey Tournament – Thursday 4th May 2017

This Thursday afternoon we took two hockey teams to the City of Peterborough Hockey Club to take part in the Peterborough Hockey Tournament.

The teams were split into two groups and the results were as follows:

A Team B Team
Won 3-2 vs St Thomas Moore Won 3-0 vs TDA
Won 1-0 vs Kings Won 5-1 vs Discovery
Lost 4-2 vs TDA Won 9-0 vs Kings
Lost 5-1 vs Eye Lost 3-1 vs Duke to Bedford
Drew 3-3 vs St Thomas Moore

This meant that when the scores were put together the A team finished 2nd in their group, narrowly missing out on the semi-finals on goal difference and our B team finished 3rd in their group.

Due to this fantastic performance our children managed to finish as the 4th best school overall. This meant that the team have qualified to take part in the County Hockey Finals in June!

Year 1+2 Peterborough Kwik Fire Threes Tournament – Wednesday 3rd May 2017

On Wednesday afternoon we travelled to the Peterborough Town Sports Club to take part in the Peterborough Kwik Fire Threes Cricket Tournament. This was the first time that all of the children have been able to represent Winyates in a sporting competition.

Within the game children had to hit 3 balls before the fielders had to retrieve them. During this time the runners try to score as many point as possible for their team.

We took part in 2 matches, narrowly losing the first game 32-31 against St John’s Church School before beating Werrington Primary School 39-27.

Due to this fantastic performance our children managed to finish in 2nd place overall. This meant that the team have qualified for the County Cricket Finals!

Well done to all of the players you should all be really proud of yourselves as we are!