Sporting Competitions

Year 5 Orton Indoor Rowing Finals – Monday 19th February 2018

Today we travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to take part in the Orton Indoor Rowing Finals. There were 4 schools in the tournament including us, St John’s Church School, Braybrook Primary School and Orton Wistow Primary School.

The team consisted of our top 5 boys and top 5 girls from the qualifying event in January. Each child was then seeded by their distance and took part in a 2 minute race against the other similarly seeded children from the other schools.

Our children worked really hard and showed great perseverance to post their top score, with most of the children improving on their qualifying score by a great amount! When all of the scores were combined we managed to finish in 3rd place overall!

Year 3/4 Peterborough Gymnastics Competition – Tuesday 6th February 2018

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Spirals Gymnastics Club to take part in the Year 3/4 Peterborough Gymnastics Competition against a total of 17 teams.

The competition is split into three sections and teams consisted of 6 children. The three sections were the floor routine where three children perform, the body management routine that the other three children perform and the vault that all six of the children perform. Scores are then given to each child out of 10 for each section.

We managed to perform excellently and even managed to score some high 9’s out of 10, which was fantastic. Overall when the scores were added up we finished in 13th place and the children should be extremely proud of all their efforts and performances.

Year 3/4 Orton Football Tournament – Monday 5th February 2018

This afternoon we travelled to the astroturf at Ormiston Bushfield Academy to take part in the Year 3/4 Orton Football Tournament.

Within the tournament we took two teams who were both placed in separate groups, where they had to play against the other teams in their group in the hope of qualifying for the final. The tournament started brightly with the A team winning 1-0 vs Braybrook B, however after some closely fought games neither team managed to qualify for the final.

Despite this due to their win the A team did qualify to take part in the 3rd/4th place play off match and narrowly missed out resulting in a 4th team finish.

All of the children should be proud of their efforts and the way they played. Mr Carson-Doughty was happy to see such high potential on display and is eagerly looking forward to seeing how these players progress.


Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Tournament – Monday 4th December 2017

On Monday afternoon our Year 5/6 Athletics Squad travelled to Ormiston Bushfield Academy to take part in the Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Tournament.

This involved all children taking part in the field events, which consisted of the standing high jump, standing long jump, chest push and speedbounce. They all then took part in at least one of the track events. The track events were a sprint race, hurdle race and obstacle race. Finally two children took part in the javelin throw.

We did really well winning all of the track events and scoring well in the field events. When all of the scores were added up we finished in 2nd place overall.

Year 5/6 Peterborough United Community Cup – Wednesday 29th November 2017

Today we travelled to the Mick George Academy Training Academy to take part in the Peterborough United Community Cup. This is a football tournament where the winners gain the opportunity of representing Peterborough United Football Club in the national tournament.

While there we were placed in Group D where we took part in 4 matches. During each of the games all of the players put in maximum effort and played to the best of their ability. Unfortunately at the end of the group stage we did not manage to progress into the semi final. However, the children had a brilliant time and represented the school in an exceptional manner.

Year 5/6 Orton Hockey Tournament – Monday 13th November 2017

Each year here at Winyates we host the Orton Hockey Tournament for Year 5/6 children. This is a tournament that we have had great success in the past, winning for 6 of the last 7 years. Today we hoped to build upon this success as we welcomed Orton Wistow, St Johns and Braybrook Primary Schools. As most schools had 2 teams we ran an A and a B team league competition.

We entered 3 teams and all of the children played some great hockey and showed a brilliant determination in their play. The A team competition was very close with it going right down to the wire in a final, as our A team and St Johns team could not be split after the round robin matches. This final then also finished as a tie so the game and tournament was settled on a penalty shootout, which our children were victories 3-0. The B and C teams also worked very hard managing to finish 2nd and 4th in the B league respectively.

It was a really great afternoon and we enjoyed welcoming some of the local primary schools to take part with us.

Year 5/6 Peterborough Hockey Tournament – Wednesday 1st November 2017

Today we traveled to the City of Peterborough Hockey Club to take part in the Year 5/6 Peterborough Hockey Tournament. This tournament included 20 teams from Peterborough and the surrounding area.

We took three teams along to the tournament and they were all split into different groups. The A team played well and managed to win two matches, draw one match and lost one match, finishing 2nd in their group. The B team managed to win all four of their matches without conceeding a single goal meaning that they won their group, and finally the C team managed to win one match, draw one and lose two games finishing 3rd in their group.

Through the exceptional performance of the B team they have now qualified to take part in the County Hockey Finals. Well done to all of the players in all of the teams who were fantastic!


Year 5/6 Peterborough Tag Rugby Tournament – Tuesday 17th October 2017

On Tuesday 17th October we took three teams to participate in the Year 5/6 Peterborough Tag Rugby Tournament at Peterborough Rugby Club. This was a huge tournament consisting of 22 teams from schools all over Peterborough.

Each of our teams were split into a different group and they all worked really hard with the aim of getting into the semi-finals. Our A team managed to achieve this by winning 4 matches and drawing 1, while our C team narrowly missed out finishing 2nd in their group, and the B team came 3rd in theirs.

This meant that our A team would play Eyrescroft Primary School in the semi-final, a match that we managed to come out of victorious by winning 4-3. This then set up a final clash against Heritage Park Primary School where after a tight match the final result was a 6-3 loss, which meant that we managed to finish 2nd in the whole tournament!

Year 3/4 Orton Tag Rugby Tournament – Monday 16th October 2017

Today we took two teams to Ormiston Bushfield Academy for the Year 3/4 Orton Tag Rugby Tournament. The tournament included teams from Braybrook and St Johns as well as our two teams. The tournament involved a round robin followed by a final placing match.

The results of the round robin were as follows:

A Team B Team
Won 5-1 vs Braybrook Won 4-3 vs St John’s
Won 4-2 vs Winyates B Lost 2-4 vs Winyates A
Won 3-2 vs St Johns Won 3-1 vs Braybrook

This meant that both of our teams qualified to play against each other in an all Winyates final! This was a very closely fought match with the A team just coming through as 4-1 winners. Overall this meant that our A team finished in 1st place and out B team finished in 2nd place, well done to all of the players!

Year 5/6 Orton Tag Rugby Tournament – Monday 9th October 2017

On Monday 9th October we took two teams along to the Orton Tag Rugby tournament at Ormiston Bushfield Academy. The tournament included two teams from Braybrook, one team from St John’s as well as our two teams.

The results were as follows.

A Team B Team
Won 7-0 vs Braybrook B Won 4-3 vs Braybrook A
Won 9-0 vs Braybrook A Lost 1-3 vs St Johns
Won 4-2 vs Winyates B Lost 2-4 vs Winyates A
Drew 6-6 vs St Johns Won 3-2 vs Braybrook B

This meant that overall the A Team managed to finish in 1st place and the B team finished in 3rd place. Well done to all of the players you were fantastic!

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Friendly Match vs Heritage Park – Friday 6th October 2017

On Friday afternoon we welcomed Heritage Park Primary School for a friendly Tag Rugby match. Each school had an A team and a B team who each played both of the other schools teams. After this there was then a third match where the A teams and B teams played against each other again.

Overall the children were fantastic with the A team managing to win all 3 of their matches.
The B team also played well and after a few narrow defeats they managed to win their final match by a whopping 7-3.

When all of the results were combined our school were victorious coming out as 4-2 winners on matches.

Well done to all of the players you were fantastic!