‘Every Child a Reader’.


Want to know how you can support your child in their reading and writing at home?

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This site, offers detailed information, resources and tutorials on how to support your child’s development in the most important skills they will ever possess!

Read, Write, Inc. is a highly structured phonic based programme which turns the learning of reading and writing English into an exact science!

Read Write Inc. not only provides children with sound phonic knowledge but also develops reading comprehension – reading with understanding rather than reading by rote – as well as developing childrens’ writing skills.

Teachers deliver daily, pacey and punchy lessons, with a wide range of colourful, engaging resources, consistently, throughout Key Stage One.  Lessons are 1 hour long, – consisting of 10 min ‘speedy sounds’ phonic sessions, where new sounds are introduced daily.  The rest of the lesson supports children reading storybooks, specifically designed to develop their understanding of learned words in different contexts, as well as practising their spelling of learned words and writing them in sentences. Our Reception children start this programme with ‘speedy sounds’ for 20 minutes daily, before progressing to the one hour programme.

Our children are assessed before commencing the programme to ensure their learning is fresh and exciting and, continual assessment every 6 to 8 weeks, ensures that all children secure their understanding of reading and writing – supporting children to KEEP UP NOT CATCH UP!