National Space Centre Visit – Wednesday 5th December 2018

Today we took the bus to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre. This was a fantastic opportunity for all of the children to further build upon the knowledge that they have obtained over this half term in our Science topic of Earth and Space.

When we arrived we delved straight into all of the interactive displays by heading to the Our Solar System section. Within here the children had a chance to travel around the different planets and objects in our solar system, learning about them and getting a grips with the Mars Rover, a landing simulation on Venus and even a chance to see Pluto through a telescope.

Next up we went to the Rocket Tower where the children were amazed to see two real life space rockets – the Blue Streak and the towering Thor Able. As we climbed the tower (up to an incredible 45m) the children learnt all about the two rockets, as well as the USA and USSR space race and the moon landing.

The final exhibits that we visited showed us a replica of the International Space Station before we moved further afield to explore the Universe. In here the children had a chance to see a model replica of the stars in the sky before seeing a glimpse of what alien life could really be like, as well as what is needed for it to exist.

Finally we had an opportunity to go into the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium where we watched a show all about astronauts. This was an immersive experience where the children laid back in their chairs and looked up as they were surrounded by outer space and the trials that astronauts have to undertake in order to get there.

Overall this was a truly fantastic day where all of the children learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done to everyone for representing our school in such a fantastic way, they made the adults with them very proud.

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