House System

All children are divided into three different houses based on our sporting heroes. Each house is also given a colour so children can be easily identified by their peers when competing. The houses, their colours, house leader and current points total are below:

Murray House                Red                   led by Mr Carson-Doughty      Total points = 0

Ennis House                  Blue                   led by Mrs Favell                     Total points = 0

Smith House                  Green                led by Mr Carter                      Total points = 0

Children are rewarded for outstanding work or behaviour with house points. The house with the most points at the end of each term receives a special treat for all their hard work and effort, celebrating as a team.

We have 6 House Captains and 6 Vice Captains who are ambassadors for their house; encouraging and motivating others to earn house points. They also help keep a running total and announce overall points each week in assembly.

Additionally throughout the year the children gain the opportunity to represent their houses during inter-house competitions, in which they try their best to earn extra house points.