Grafham Water Residential – Day Four!

Both groups enjoyed fantastic days today with four more activities to test the capabilities of our Winyates Heroes .

Mr McClean’s group started the day with Archery, which was the first time (for all of our children) that they had seen and used a bow and arrow.
It started off well, with some of the boards being hit successfully. Then, as the morning progressed there was some real perseverance and determination to succeed being shown with everyone hitting the board consistently.
In the afternoon was Jacobs Ladder and crate stacking, with winds picking up this was a tough challenge but once again everyone showed a resilience and got on with the task at hand.
It was great to see everyone working as one team and supporting each other through the moments of doubt with encouragement.
Mr Carter’s group started the day with Bushcraft. After learning about some key elements to surviving in the wild, the group set out to make team shelters that would protect them from the elements and keep them warm and safe.
This was a huge success and once again the teamwork shown was outstanding.
They then attempted to get a fire going but due to the high winds and light rain this wasn’t happening which was a real shame.
This did not deter the group though and they powered through to lunch.
The afternoon was possibly the best activity so far; speed-boating.
The children were allowed to drive the boat and they managed to do 360 degree turns jumping over the waves that were being made. The cold water was not a deterrent for wanting to go faster and everyone got drenched.
They all were thoroughly excited by this experience and it will not be one to forget.