1 Million Words!

Within our school reading scheme all of our children are aiming to read as many words as possible. Erin has already read an incredible 1 million words, making her the first child to reach this incredible achievement!

Well done Erin!

Year 5 Greek Day!

For our first day back of the year the Year 5 class took part in a Greek Day to immerse ourselves fully into our new topic, Ancient Greece. The day began with the children having an opportunity to say what they already knew, as well as asking some questions for what they would like to find out during the topic.

Next we were created a Laurel Leaf Crown, which the children then wore for the day. These crowns were given to Ancient Greeks as a sign of victory, power or leadership. After this the children all researched their own Greek name that they had been given for the day. The names were all Greek Gods, Goddesses or famous heroes/people.

Finally during the afternoon we took part in our own Olympic Games where we trialed some of the activities that took place in the Ancient Greek games, as well as Modern times. The children then completed a matching activity where they learnt all about the different events and how they have changed over time.

National Space Centre Visit – Wednesday 5th December 2018

Today we took the bus to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre. This was a fantastic opportunity for all of the children to further build upon the knowledge that they have obtained over this half term in our Science topic of Earth and Space.

When we arrived we delved straight into all of the interactive displays by heading to the Our Solar System section. Within here the children had a chance to travel around the different planets and objects in our solar system, learning about them and getting a grips with the Mars Rover, a landing simulation on Venus and even a chance to see Pluto through a telescope.

Next up we went to the Rocket Tower where the children were amazed to see two real life space rockets – the Blue Streak and the towering Thor Able. As we climbed the tower (up to an incredible 45m) the children learnt all about the two rockets, as well as the USA and USSR space race and the moon landing.

The final exhibits that we visited showed us a replica of the International Space Station before we moved further afield to explore the Universe. In here the children had a chance to see a model replica of the stars in the sky before seeing a glimpse of what alien life could really be like, as well as what is needed for it to exist.

Finally we had an opportunity to go into the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium where we watched a show all about astronauts. This was an immersive experience where the children laid back in their chairs and looked up as they were surrounded by outer space and the trials that astronauts have to undertake in order to get there.

Overall this was a truly fantastic day where all of the children learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done to everyone for representing our school in such a fantastic way, they made the adults with them very proud.

To see additional pictures visit our gallery page by clicking here.

Grafham Water Residential – Day Four!

Both groups enjoyed fantastic days today with four more activities to test the capabilities of our Winyates Heroes .

Mr McClean’s group started the day with Archery, which was the first time (for all of our children) that they had seen and used a bow and arrow.
It started off well, with some of the boards being hit successfully. Then, as the morning progressed there was some real perseverance and determination to succeed being shown with everyone hitting the board consistently.
In the afternoon was Jacobs Ladder and crate stacking, with winds picking up this was a tough challenge but once again everyone showed a resilience and got on with the task at hand.
It was great to see everyone working as one team and supporting each other through the moments of doubt with encouragement.
Mr Carter’s group started the day with Bushcraft. After learning about some key elements to surviving in the wild, the group set out to make team shelters that would protect them from the elements and keep them warm and safe.
This was a huge success and once again the teamwork shown was outstanding.
They then attempted to get a fire going but due to the high winds and light rain this wasn’t happening which was a real shame.
This did not deter the group though and they powered through to lunch.
The afternoon was possibly the best activity so far; speed-boating.
The children were allowed to drive the boat and they managed to do 360 degree turns jumping over the waves that were being made. The cold water was not a deterrent for wanting to go faster and everyone got drenched.
They all were thoroughly excited by this experience and it will not be one to forget.

Grafham Water Residential – Day Three!

Today, we were met by an overcast sky that looked set to disrupt our day. There were high winds that would ensure the high ropes would be a challenge for all. We went out on bikes and had the opportunity to fly power kites. After a hearty dinner, we got ready for the Grafham Challenge. In the dark, all the children were blind folded and guided to an assault route. The children displayed high levels of courage and determination to complete a number of obstacles. All of the children are going beyond their comfort zones and pushing themselves.


Grafham Water Residential – Day Two!

We got up at 7.30am and after a hearty breakfast we got set for the adventures ahead.
These activities were:
Power boating and orienteering.
Pioneering and canoeing.
Crate stacking.
Bush craft.
Mr Carter’s group started the morning as Robin Hood and as a group we became masters of the bow and arrow. Nearly every child was able to hit the centre circle at least once.
In the afternoon we went into rock climbing and everyone was outstanding in their desire to go higher than ever before. They showed enormous amount of courage and perseverance throughout. They were true Winyates Heroes.
Mr McClean’s group started with the climbing wall which was a new experience for almost everyone in the group. Everyone gave it a go even though there were some nerves at the beginning and all showed some real superhero qualities with bravery and determination and most overcoming some fears which we were all really proud of.
Next up was canoeing in the wind and rain, this again was a new experience and the whole group showed resilience as the conditions were really bad. We played games whilst on the water and everyone had to change boats which was fun!


Grafham Water Residential – Day One!

We have arrived and all children are safe, well and happy. Firstly we had a tour of Grafham with information about what to do, routines and rules for our stay. Next was a very popular lunch and salad bar followed by our first activities. All the children were put into 6 groups and took part in the following activities: Power boating & Orienteering, a high ropes course, bushcraft, crate stacking (and climbing), rock climbing up the climbing wall and archery! Great fun was had by all.

It was then time for dinner! Sausages, Steak pie or a vegetarian option was available as well as the salad bar followed by amazing puddings.

Winyates Splat-tacular for Children in Need!

This year our Splat the Teacher returned for Children in Need with lots and lots of children purchasing tickets for the opportunity to splat a teacher of their choice. Alongside this all of the children were invited to come into school dressed as their personal hero or a superhero. When all of the money was combined we managed to raise a fantastic £253.06 for Children in Need. Well done to everyone and thank you for your generous donations!

Winning Winyates Clinch Orton Hockey Title!

This afternoon we welcomed Orton St Johns Church School, Orton Wistow Primary School and Braybrook Primary School to our school for the annual Orton Hockey Tournament.

During the tournament we had 6 teams taking part so the competition was split into two groups of 3, which was then followed by semi finals and finals to decide on positions.

Within the group our A team managed to win 2-1 vs Braybrook B before drawing 0-0 with St Johns, while the B team won 4-0 against Braybrook A and then lost 2-0 to Orton Wistow.

This meant that both of our teams had qualified for the semi finals where they had to play against each other. In a very close match the B team came out on top and won the game 2-1.

As a result of the semi-finals Winyates A played against St Johns in the 3rd/4th place play off and narrowly lost 1-0 meaning that they finished in 4th place overall. The B team played against Orton Wistow in a rematch from their earlier encounter, however this time they managed to win the game with a sensational 5-0. Despite the scoreline this was a very tight final with the Winyates team defending hard and then finishing their chances on the counter attack.

Well done to all of the players you should be extremely proud of yourselves, and a further congratulations to our B team (who are all from Year 5) that are now the Orton Hockey Champions!

Hockey Week in School!

This week all of the classes in school will have the great opportunity of working with professional hockey coach and City of Peterborough Hockey Player Nathan Foad. Nathan will be in school all week and he will be delivering 2 hockey sessions for each of the classes.

It is sure to be an excellent week with all of the children developing their skills and understanding of hockey. Finally at the end of the week Nathan will be choosing a player of the week from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 who will receive their very own hockey stick to keep!