Reception Celebrate Chinese New Year!

This afternoon in Reception we celebrated the Chinese New Year. Within this we worked in teams to design a dragon, learnt the Chinese numbers from 1-10, and tasted some Chinese food.
Finally we wore red and went outside for our celebration where we had a competition for our best dragon design and best dragon dance.
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Welcome to the Year 4 Ancient Egypt Museum!

Today we welcomed in our parents to see the culmination of our work this half term about Ancient Egypt. We shared or artistic creations, such as our Egyptian Jewelry, Death Masks, and Amulets, as well as teaching our parents how to write in hieroglyphics. There was also a visit from our very own Mummy!
After our parents explored the exhibits it was their time to participate. Arshan taught the parents a maths lesson, while Safiya, Declan, Mahdiat and Gabriel shared some of their written work. Finally we ended the session with a mummification challenge where we all tried to mummify our parents the best.
It was a fantastic afternoon and we would like to thank all the parents who came.

To see more photos of our museum check out our gallery page by clicking here.

Y3/4 Gymnastics Squad travel to Spirals Gym

This afternoon our gymnastics team went to Spirals Gymnastics Club to take part in the Year 3/4 Peterborough Gymnastics Competition against a total of 17 teams.

The competition is split into three sections and teams consisted of 6 children. The three sections were the floor routine where three children perform, the body management routine that the other three children perform and the vault that all six of the children perform. Scores are then given to each child out of 10 for each section.

We managed to perform excellently and even managed to score some high 9’s out of 10, which was fantastic. Overall when the scores were added up we finished in 13th place and the children should be extremely proud of all their efforts and performances.

Year 3/4 Orton Football Tournament

This afternoon we travelled to the astroturf at Ormiston Bushfield Academy to take part in the Year 3/4 Orton Football Tournament.

Within the tournament we took two teams who were both placed in separate groups, where they had to play against the other teams in their group in the hope of qualifying for the final. The tournament started brightly with the A team winning 1-0 vs Braybrook B, however after some closely fought games neither team managed to qualify for the final.

Despite this due to their win the A team did qualify to take part in the 3rd/4th place play off match and narrowly missed out resulting in a 4th team finish.

All of the children should be proud of their efforts and the way they played. Mr Carson-Doughty was happy to see such high potential on display and is eagerly looking forward to seeing how these players progress.

For more information about our sporting competitions click here.

School of Rock!

Winyates have welcomed Mr Soccio into school to deliver some drumming lessons with some of our Year 2 and Year 3 students. On top of this he will be leading a ‘Rock Band’ after school club for more of the older children to get involved with.

The children seemed to all have a fantastic time and are already hitting some good beats on their electronic drum sets!

Year 1 Blast Off to the National Space Centre!

Year 1 had a fantastic time at the National Space Centre in Leicester. When we arrived, the children were overwhelmed by all of the exciting interactive exhibits and real life space rockets! The children learnt lots about the planets and stars by listening to the displays and watching short films. They also had the opportunity to play with some of the exhibits to experience their learning first hand – they especially liked spinning the world around to see the clouds move. After lunch, the children climbed LOTS of stairs (or took the lift) to the very top of the Space Centre where they got to see a real life rocket. They were very excited to see how huge it was and watch it smoke at the bottom as if it might ‘blast off!’ at any second. The children enjoyed a quiz inside a special planetarium and were very quick to answer questions such as ‘Which planet spins on it’s side?’ and ‘Which planet is the reddest planet?’. What a super day out with such impeccably behaved, well enthused Year 1 children 🙂


Play Pals lead the way!

Our newest batch of Play Pals took to work today engaging the other children in sports and playground games. Each day there are different leaders who run a range of games aimed to tempt all year groups into taking part. These games include football, netball, dodgeball, target throwing competitions, skipping, parachute games, as well as many more!

Today we saw a large number of Year 2, 3 and 4 children taking part in a football match, while lots of the Year 5 and 6’s played netball.

Mr Carson-Doughty commented by saying “It is great to see so many children engaging in sport during lunch time and the leaders are excellent at running the games”.


Smith House are the Autumn Term House Winners!

Congratulations to Smith House who managed to strive above the other house to finish on top by collecting the most House Points during the Autumn Term. The final totals for the term were as follows:

  • 3rd place = Ennis House        Total points = 4,924
  • 2nd place = Murray House     Total points = 5,159
  • 1st place = Smith House        Total points = 5,339

Reception Nativity Performance!

The Christmas play has been fantastic this year…the children have all made us so proud with how mature and  confident they have been in standing up on stage and remembering their lines. A great joy by all and a big thank you to parents for supporting them by helping them to practise at home.

We are a Sport Relief Super School!

This morning we received a very special letter from none other than Olympic diver Tom Daley! Within this letter he thanked us for all of our efforts in the past to raise money for Sport Relief and told us that as a result of this we have been recognised as an official Sport Relief Super School! Below is a copy of the letter we received and you can see our badge in the school entrance area near the main door.

Download (PDF, 590KB)