Year 5/6 Orton Football Tournament

This afternoon our Year 5/6 football teams went to OBA to take part in the Orton Football tournament. There were 7 teams from 4 schools who all played against each other in a round robin competition. Despite some strong performances and good goals, our B team finished in 7th place. The A team fared better and managed to score some incredible goals, which led to some good wins resulting in the team finishing in 3rd place. Well done to all of the footballers who made us proud.

Year 1 Woburn Zoo Trip

Today, Year 1 had an amazing trip to Woburn Safari Park. We started the day with a lovely bus journey singing our favourite song ‘we are the children of Winyates School’. At Woburn we drove around the safari and got really close to the rhinos and lions – it was a bit scary! Then we entered the monkey enclosure and they were very cheeky, about 5 monkeys were climbing all over our coach and messing about – when we wanted to leave, a lady from Woburn had to use a big stick to get the monkeys off the roof of the coach! After some lunch, we went to look at the wallabies and sea lions, then it was time for the keeper to tell us all about the African animals that live in Woburn. We learnt about meerkats, mongoose and porcupines. Next, most of us went to feed the lorikeet birds in rainbow landing, they landed all over us – even on our heads! The last thing for us to do was visit the foot safari and walk through the lemur enclosure, we really wanted to stroke them but the keepers told us they often bite! Finally, it was time to head back to the buses and return to Winyates, we really had a great day!

Launching the Daily Mile with Lauren Steadman!

Today we all had an exciting morning here at Winyates Primary School as we welcomed Lauren Steadman into school, as well as Living Sport and other local officials from the world of sport. Lauren came to see us to praise us for our our work in the Daily Mile, which we have been completing here since June last year. During this all of the children take part in a 15-minute mile every single day, which has helped to improve our fitness, wellbeing and attainment!

While she was in school Lauren was welcomed into our assembly where we had an opportunity to speak to her about her inspiring journey in sport. Lauren shared with us how she became a world champion in the Paratriathalon, as well as memories from the Paralympics and of course Strictly Come Dancing, where one of our children even had the chance to come out to the front and teach Lauren how to floss!

Next all of the Year 4 and 5 children, as well as our Sports Ambassadors, headed outside to take part in the Daily Mile, which Lauren started us off on before joining us.

Finally our sports ambassadors were interviewed by BBC Look East news, where they were able to demonstrate their knowledge of this fantastic initiative.

Everyone here would like to thank Lauren Steadman and all of the people at Living Sport for coming to see us. We had a brilliant morning and hope that all other schools will follow in our example and start completing their own Daily Mile.


Daily Mile Launch Event

This Thursday the Daily Mile is going to be launched across the whole of Cambridgeshire and our school has been lucky enough to participate in this event, due to our excellent work with this initiative so far. We will be joined in school by Living Sport for the Daily Mile launch event. There will be an assembly with guest Paralympian and World Champion Lauren Steadman coming into talk to all of the children. Recently Lauren was also a star on hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing and we look forward to hearing what she has to say, as well as setting off to run our daily mile with her.

Year 1 Planetarium Visit!

Today Year 1 were visited by a mobile planetarium. We had to climb inside the dome through a dark tunnel and sit inside; some of us found it a bit scary! We started by looking at the different planets and we really impressed the man with our knowledge of Tim Peak and the International Space Station. Then the lights all turned off and the stars were projected all around us, we found constellations in the night sky and watched the sun rise.

Year 5 Rowing Finals

This afternoon we took our top 5 boy and top 5 girl rowers to participate in the Orton Schools Rowing Finals. These children were chosen by performing best during our qualifying event in January.

Each child took part in a 2 minute rowing race against children from the other Orton Primary Schools. All of our children were fantastic and we even had 3 members of our team that managed to row over 400m!

When the scores were collected we managed to finish in a fantastic 3rd place, scoring 3 more points for the Orton Sports Cup. Well done to all of the rowers, you were determined and persevered excellently!

Year 4 STEM Day!

Throughout this term Year Four have been busy exploring an exciting STEM project…This time we had to design and build a PYRAMID! How amazing! We have been real Winyates Heroes to do this: Working together in teams with team leaders (Emma, Grace and Mantas) to guide us; we have had to persevere and think really creatively. To start our projects, we had to think creatively about what we would want to create – what are pyramids like? What do they need to have so they can be free-standing? We then moved on to using a computer program called ‘Sketch-up’ to create a graphical representation of the inside of a pyramid. This was a lot trickier than it sounds and we had to develop experts in the class to support each other. Once we had mastered this, we started to build a prototype of our pyramid. The final part took place on Thursday 7th February. Year 4 held a combined STEM day with children from St John’s Church School. The hall was full of learning – there was a real ‘buzz’ about the day! The day commenced with a discussion based approach to using the tools like saws and glue guns and drills safely (as previously taught) and ensuring that we were ready for the challenge ahead. We worked in groups of 10 with a team leader and it was their responsibility to ensure the teams were successful. We all learnt about working as a team, sharing responsibility and working towards a shared goal.

1 Million Words!

Within our school reading scheme all of our children are aiming to read as many words as possible. Erin has already read an incredible 1 million words, making her the first child to reach this incredible achievement!

Well done Erin!

Year 5 Greek Day!

For our first day back of the year the Year 5 class took part in a Greek Day to immerse ourselves fully into our new topic, Ancient Greece. The day began with the children having an opportunity to say what they already knew, as well as asking some questions for what they would like to find out during the topic.

Next we were created a Laurel Leaf Crown, which the children then wore for the day. These crowns were given to Ancient Greeks as a sign of victory, power or leadership. After this the children all researched their own Greek name that they had been given for the day. The names were all Greek Gods, Goddesses or famous heroes/people.

Finally during the afternoon we took part in our own Olympic Games where we trialed some of the activities that took place in the Ancient Greek games, as well as Modern times. The children then completed a matching activity where they learnt all about the different events and how they have changed over time.

National Space Centre Visit – Wednesday 5th December 2018

Today we took the bus to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre. This was a fantastic opportunity for all of the children to further build upon the knowledge that they have obtained over this half term in our Science topic of Earth and Space.

When we arrived we delved straight into all of the interactive displays by heading to the Our Solar System section. Within here the children had a chance to travel around the different planets and objects in our solar system, learning about them and getting a grips with the Mars Rover, a landing simulation on Venus and even a chance to see Pluto through a telescope.

Next up we went to the Rocket Tower where the children were amazed to see two real life space rockets – the Blue Streak and the towering Thor Able. As we climbed the tower (up to an incredible 45m) the children learnt all about the two rockets, as well as the USA and USSR space race and the moon landing.

The final exhibits that we visited showed us a replica of the International Space Station before we moved further afield to explore the Universe. In here the children had a chance to see a model replica of the stars in the sky before seeing a glimpse of what alien life could really be like, as well as what is needed for it to exist.

Finally we had an opportunity to go into the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium where we watched a show all about astronauts. This was an immersive experience where the children laid back in their chairs and looked up as they were surrounded by outer space and the trials that astronauts have to undertake in order to get there.

Overall this was a truly fantastic day where all of the children learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done to everyone for representing our school in such a fantastic way, they made the adults with them very proud.

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