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  • 1 Million Words! 07 January 2019- Within our school reading scheme all of our children are aiming to read as many words as possible. Erin has already read an incredible 1 million words, making her the first child to reach this incredible achievement! Well done Erin!
  • Year 5 Greek Day! 02 January 2019- For our first day back of the year the Year 5 class took part in a Greek Day to immerse ourselves fully into our new topic, Ancient Greece. The day began with the children having an opportunity to say what they already knew, as well as asking some questions for what they would like to […]
  • National Space Centre Visit – Wednesday 5th December 2018 05 December 2018- Today we took the bus to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre. This was a fantastic opportunity for all of the children to further build upon the knowledge that they have obtained over this half term in our Science topic of Earth and Space. When we arrived we delved straight into all of the […]